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Perfect Project Pricing

Available for Windows, Mac and iPad!
What is required:
iPad :: FREE Download of FileMaker Go! app from the iTunes Store.
Windows or Mac:: FileMaker 12

Perfect Project Pricing Overview

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Why Perfect Project Pricing?


How do you price your projects?
Cost, cost plus or retail price.

Do you price from a drawing program, a simple or complex spreadsheet or a simple printed retail price list?

Are you currently wrestling with an Excel spreadsheet? Do you have issues with accuracy, missing data, broken calculation, changing prices, or providing multiple quotes?

Whatever you use, we are continually asked if we have developed a project pricing program? Project managers are always looking for a better and easier way to price projects.

In today's environment it is very important to have a good handle on project pricing. Our pricing solution can help you maintain profitability when margins have been greatly reduced by the state of the economy and competition.

The swimming pool industry leader in pool construction management, Pool Pro Office, has developed an easy to use and flexible project pricing solution. This solution enables you to develop your own pricing in as simple or as detailed as you desire. You have the ability to manage and change any item or cost. You will also are able to create an estimate by entering your quantities and your project price is calculated, preview and print your project proposal.

Other features include the ability to have archive multiple versions of a development template and able to retrieve an archived development template and have multiple project estimates with the ability to select any project estimate, all in the same application.

Perfect Project Pricing is easy to use, ensures accurate pricing and discounts and allows you to print professional quality quotes in a fraction of the time you would spend in Excel or Word.

  • Create and manage your custom pricing in as simple or complex as you desire or use our standard template and adjust costs for your area.
  • Create and manage multiple pricing templates for specials or promotions.
  • Keep everyone on the same pricing.
  • Totally customizable and each line item cost can be changed, deleted or modified if costs change. NO worries about moved or deleted cells!
  • Choose any method of calculating retail price, cost plus percentage, cost plus overhead or percentage.
  • Choose between material cost, labor cost or materials and labor cost.
  • Easy to create and store estimates.
  • Designer can input quantities and it will calculate proposal price, preview proposal, print proposal and email proposal.
  • Your current pricing information can be imported into Perfect Project Pricing.
  • Easier to use and manage than standard Excel spread sheets.
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