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Step 2 of Setup: Create Project Group Items

This is where the fun can begin!

Now you can begin the process of building your project estimating template.

This is where you can make your project estimating tool as complex or as simple as you would like.

The simplest is to add each item in the portal to the left to your estimate, give it a title, description (optional), sort code, select the unit type, enter the price and select "Material" or "Labor" or "Material and Labor".

To create a more sophisticated estimate, each construction item can be deconstructed into it the various items that build that line item.

A simple example would be the selection of a sanitizing system. You could create multiple items for the salt system. Each item on the salt system would have a unique title and description. You could have a line items for the material that goes into running the power, the labor that goes for the installation and the price of the system itself.

If the installation requires multiple hours of labor you can enter a quantity of hour and a rate for those hours and a percent markup.

With this estimating solution you can be very simple for very detailed.

The choice is yours!

Manage Estimates

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